Scholarships & Eligibility

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation manages a large and exciting scholarship program for both graduating high school seniors and full-time students already enrolled in college.

We steward nearly 400 scholarship funds established by generous individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that help students pursue their college education and strengthen the future of our communities.

These funds cover many different areas of study and may have their own eligibility criteria.

Types of Scholarships

There are three different types of scholarships offered in our program:

  1. Designated scholarships for specific high schools
  2. Competitive scholarships for graduating high school seniors
  3. Competitive scholarships for current college students

Eligibility Requirements

General Eligibility & Requirements

Please review the general eligibility criteria below to be sure you are eligible to apply

Scholarship-Specific Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the General Eligibility Criteria (above), some scholarships have additional donor-defined eligibility requirements.