ACT NOW! Maximize Tax Benefits in 2017 with FCCF

Dec 21, 2017

Cut Your Tax Bill & Benefit Your Community in 2017

Establish or Add to a Donor Advised Fund with FCCF

The new tax plan approved by Congress nearly doubles the standard deduction for individuals and families, and reduces many itemized deductions. December 31, 2017 marks the end of taking advantage of deductions as allowed by current law.

It may make sense for you to accelerate several years of charitable contributions into 2017 while you still get the benefit of the lower threshold for itemizing tax deductions according to current law.

Important considerations:

By creating or adding to a Donor Advised Fund, you can qualify for tax benefits in 2017 and can then use the Fund to make gifts to your favorite nonprofits in future years.

Appreciated assets make the most tax-efficient gift, particularly as many people are looking to rebalance their portfolio following this year’s healthy stock market performance.

Donor Advised Funds are easy to establish and Fairfield County’s Community Foundation becomes your philanthropic advisor.

But, the clock is ticking and 2017 is rapidly coming to an end. Act now and learn more about our Donor Advised Funds.

To create or add to your fund, or to make a gift through appreciated securities – contact us today!

Kristy Jelenik
Development Director

Maximize Your Tax Benefits Now

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