10 Years of Championing Extraordinary Nonprofits

May 20, 2019

Since 2009, FCCF’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) has been the premier capacity-building and professional development resource for our region’s nonprofit sector. Through educational workshops, webinars, professional development resources and networking opportunities, CNE annually helps hundreds of nonprofit leaders, staff, board members and volunteers increase their effectiveness to make a lasting impact in the communities they serve. This November, FCCF will host a 10th Anniversary Celebration for CNE with key stakeholders. Stay tuned!

Top 10 highlights from 10 years of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence:

1. Created a nonprofit hub unlike any other in the region for nonprofit learning, sharing and connecting.

2. Partnered with Sacred Heart University’s Center for Nonprofits to create curriculum that offers basic skills training for frontline nonprofit staff.

3. Launched the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) with champion donor Dan Levinson, to bring a best-in-class peer learning group to Fairfield County.

4. Established the Susan M. Ross Fund for Great Leadership which underwrites a portion of the ELP helping nonprofits thrive through executive leadership development.

5. Evaluates mergers and awards grants for transition costs, allowing organizations to build sustainability and expand services.

6. Empowers nonprofit boards with tools for fundraising, strategy and collaboration, through Board Chair Roundtables.

7. Partnered with generous corporate donors like Newman’s Own Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Savings Bank of Danbury, First County Bank and Pitney Bowes to strengthen nonprofits.

8. Helped mission-critical grantees increase their impact through pro bono consulting and training from Harvard Business School Community Partners.

9. Trained more than 300 Fairfield County nonprofits to use Results-Based Accountability™, a framework for measuring impact and communicating value to funders.

10. Equipped 800+ regional nonprofits with the tools and training to raise $7.6 million to date through Fairfield County’s Giving Day, launched in 2014 with the support of champion sponsor Bank of America.

Your generous support of FCCF’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence makes an exponential impact in our community. Learn more at FCCFoundation.org/CNE