Juanita James: The power of generosity shines through

Mar 12, 2017

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” On Thursday, I saw these inspirational words from Dr. Maya Angelou put into action throughout our community on Fairfield County’s Giving Day.

March 9 marked our fourth annual Giving Day, a 24-hour event that has become our region’s biggest day of philanthropy. From its inception, this event has allowed the true generosity of our community to shine. Year after year, we’ve seen tens of thousands of people donate to local nonprofits at record levels — even in the face of hurdles like first-event growing pains and an unexpected ice storm.

 But this year, the challenges looked different. Earlier this week, I found myself wondering: In the midst of a divisive political climate and consuming news cycle, would people connect with the same spirit of generosity this year?
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