LISTEN: Mendi Blue Paca on Fairfield County’s Fight Against Economic Inequality & Racial Disparities

May 07, 2023

FCCF President & CEO Mendi Blue Paca joined Denver Frederick, host of the podcast The Business of Giving, to discuss the Community Foundation’s mission of creating greater equity – especially racial equity – across areas of housing, income and asset building, health, and education.

“Every day, that’s my litmus test. Am I acting with humility? Am I being inclusive in my thinking? And am I – most importantly maybe – being courageous in the decisions I’m making and willing to take some calculated risk in the service of the greater good?”

Mendi Blue Paca,
FCCF’s President & CEO
executive director

Tune in now to hear more about FCCF’s strategic direction for the future, approach of building on strengths, and vision for a strong Fairfield County.

Read the full episode transcript on The Business of Giving website.