Purposeful Boards, Powerful Fundraising: Strengthening Nonprofits with Chuck Loring

May 26, 2016

Chuck Loring Returns to Lead Workshop for Fairfield County Nonprofits

On May 24th, Chuck Loring joined our Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) and the CT Nonprofit Alliance to lead an all-day workshop covering best practices in governance and financing. The event reached “full house” status, with many Fairfield County nonprofits in attendance.

The Presenter

Chuck V. Loring, MBA, CFRE, is the senior partner of the Fort Lauderdale and Indianapolis-based firm of Loring, Sternberg, & Associates, which provides fundraising and governance consulting services to nonprofits. Chuck is also a senior governance consultant for BoardSource, offering expertise in board development and other governance issues to nonprofit boards across the country.

Loring drew from his own decades of experience in consulting for nonprofits to share valuable tips and advice.

“Good governance is a journey. It’s not a project, and organizations need to make sure they are moving forward on the journey,” said Loring.

An Ideal Opportunity for Board & Staff Teams

Loring shared insight on how to bring about changes in the culture and practices of nonprofit boards, with the goal of leveraging the board’s power in strategic fundraising efforts. This is his second workshop with the CNE, and was met with attendance of around 100 nonprofit leaders and board members.

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation’s President and CEO, Juanita James, explained that Loring was invited back due to high demand from local organizations that are seeking methods to improve their own boards and fundraising efforts.

“We had done a survey of the nonprofit sector a while ago, and board governance had come up as one of the strategic issues organizations are facing,” noted James.

Topics covered included nonprofit trends that impact fundraising; the principles of effective governance; and how to build a board and create a governance model.

Positive Feedback

Janice Wiggins, Executive Director of Renewal House in Danbury, said that without organizations like the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, her own nonprofit would not have the opportunity to organize workshops like this for its leaders.

“Because we’re a small organization, we could never afford it,” said Wiggins.

Statements like these reinforce importance of the Center For Nonprofit Excellence’s mission of supporting nonprofits to become strong and operationally stable, so they can make a bigger impact in the community.

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