Fairfield County’s Community Foundation Announces 2017 Grantmaking – $1,910,263 Awarded to Benefit Area NonProfits

Jan 27, 2017

January 25, 2017, NORWALK, CT — Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has announced the recipients of their 2017 grantmaking cycle. $1,910,263 was awarded to 74 organizations that are result-oriented and support the identified outcome areas determined by the Community Foundation in their mission to build and sustain a vital and prosperous community where all have the opportunity to participate and thrive.

Those five result areas include:

  • All Fairfield County youth thrive by age 25
  • All Fairfield County women and girls reach their full potential
  • All Fairfield County households are economically secure
  • Arts for everyone in Fairfield County
  • Fairfield County benefits from an effective nonprofit sector

The grants awarded ranged from $1,000 to $250,000. Forty-nine percent of the grants totaling $928,200 was awarded to the interest area All Fairfield County Household are Economically Secure. Thirty-nine percent totaling $737,500 was awarded to All Fairfield County Youth By Age 25.  Five percent or $100,000 was awarded to All Fairfield County Women and Girls Reach Their Full Potential.  Arts and Culture for Everyone in Fairfield County accounted for four percent of the total grants awarded, totaling $85,000.

The grants will support programs, capacity building, general operations and much more. Some of the grant recipients include McGivney Center and Burroughs Community Center from Bridgeport; Carver Center and Family & Children’s Agency from Norwalk; Intake Organization and Stamford Symphony Orchestra from Stamford; Regional YMCA of Western CT and Danbury Youth Services from Danbury…. and more than 65 others.

“Our grantees are critical partners in creating lasting change in Fairfield County and we are privileged to be able to advance their work through our grant support. ,” states Nancy von Euler, Vice President, Programs, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. “We are delighted that so many of our nonprofit partners are creating opportunities for all of us to thrive, together.”

The Community Foundation has adopted Results Based Accountability as a framework for articulating and measuring the changes they hope to see for Fairfield County. To submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) for the Spring 2017 cycle of grantmaking is open from January 20- February 15. If you meet the criteria, you may be invited to participate with a grant application in early March.

More information about applying for a grant from Fairfield County’s Community Foundation can be found at www.fccfoundation.org and search the area grants.

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About Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

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