Fairfield County’s Community Foundation recognizes the invaluable role of Immigrant Communities through the Immigrant Success Fund

Nov 12, 2020

Hope, Resilience and Hard Work are strong values that motivate immigrants to move forward despite current struggles

(NORWALK, CONN) – Twenty-four percent (24%) of Fairfield County’s population belongs to immigrant communities. People who have come from all over the world to work, study and build a future for their families live in cities like Bridgeport, Norwalk, Stamford, and Danbury among others places in the county.

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation recognizes that. That’s why the Immigration Success Fund was created. Through this initiative, support has been provided to non-profit organizations working with immigrant communities in the county. In the tough early months of the pandemic, the Immigration Success Fund was crucial in identifying urgent needs and providing resources to the most vulnerable members of this community.

“Fairfield County’s story is undeniably interwoven with the stories of immigrant families. If we support immigrants in achieving their dreams, then Fairfield County as a whole is better off”, said Luis Guzman, Director of the Immigrant Support Fund.

Inspiring Stories:
In addition to supporting nonprofit organizations, the Immigration Success Fund wishes to highlight stories of courage and progress, such as that of Ingrid Garcia, who came from Guatemala and raised a family in Greenwich, CT through hard work and perseverance. Here is her story: https://vimeo.com/477273789/da4bf30520

Stories like Ingrid’s are shared by thousands of immigrants in Fairfield County. Their struggles and their invaluable contributions to our region should be constantly highlighted, so we can further understand who we are as a community, and how we can move forward together. When we empower immigrants and their families to succeed, we secure a more vibrant future for Fairfield County.

If you would like to know more about the Immigration Success Fund, please visit
fccf.org/ISFund or contact Luis Guzman at (203) 750- 3200 or lguzman@fccfoundation.org