328 Area Nonprofits Receive More than $4.2 Million in Competitive Grants from Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

Oct 28, 2021

Grants focus on programs aimed at closing the opportunity gap and reducing
disparities in income, education, employment, housing and health


(Norwalk, CT) –  Fairfield County’s Community Foundation announced that it has awarded more than $4.2 million in competitive grants to 328 nonprofit agencies from June 1, 2020, to July 31, 2021.

These grants were awarded to nonprofits aligned to the Community Foundation’s mission to close the opportunity gap in Fairfield County by eliminating disparities in income, education, unemployment, housing, and health.

The $4.2 million in competitive grants represents 15% of the Foundation’s grantmaking for fiscal year 2021, which was $29.1 million.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and amplified longstanding disparities in our community and has added urgency to our work in closing Fairfield County’s opportunity gap,” said Juanita James, CEO and President of Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. “The $4.2 million in grants awarded supports nonprofits that are working to meet the urgent needs of today and build a Fairfield County that is stronger and more resilient in the future. Together, with the generous support of our donors — and through our partnerships with nonprofits, funders, and other community leaders — we envision an equitable and thriving Fairfield County where every person has an opportunity to thrive.”

The Community Foundation is focused on advancing programs that foster a vital and inclusive community, where every individual has an opportunity to thrive. It provides competitive grants that support nonprofit programs, general operations, and capacity building.

Grants were awarded to Fairfield County nonprofits that work to ensure:

• all older youth and young adults have training and credentials that lead to meaningful career opportunities;
• all students graduate with a high school degree and are prepared for post-secondary education and employment;
• all women and girls are economically secure, healthy and safe;
• all residents have safe, stable, healthy and affordable housing in communities of opportunity.

Grantees include organizations such as the Center for Children’s Advocacy — a nonprofit law firm that specializes in children’s legal issues including education, abuse and neglect, and access to health care.

“Funding from the Community Foundation has allowed the Center to expand its free legal assistance program to serve 142 youth and young adults in Fairfield County, increasing access to special education services and assisting with immigration-related issues,” said Martha Stone, Executive Director of the Center for Children’s Advocacy.

Daniel Trust, Executive Chairman of the Daniel Trust Foundation, a nonprofit that supports low-income students and their teachers through high school mentoring, college scholarships, and teacher recognition programs, also expressed his special acknowledgment for the Foundation’s grant.

“We are so grateful to Fairfield County’s Community Foundation for awarding us a grant to support our Mentoring Program in Bridgeport,” Trust said. “This funding will have a big impact in the lives of the first-generation and low-income students who participate in the program. It’s truly an honor to partner with the Community Foundation.”

The grants were awarded throughout the fiscal year in the following categories:

• Education: $1,467,300 to 62 nonprofits
• Economic Opportunity: $500,800 to 21 nonprofits
• Center for Nonprofit Excellence: $26,200 to three nonprofits
• Women & Girls: $894,795 to 46 nonprofits
• Advocacy: $62,000 to five nonprofits
• Immigrant Success: $594,892 to 26 nonprofits
• COVID-19 Relief: $710,300 to 62 nonprofits

Click here to view a full list of all grants made by the Community Foundation in fiscal year 2021. 

About Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation promotes philanthropy as a means to create change in Fairfield County, focusing on innovative and collaborative solutions to critical issues impacting the community. Individuals, families, corporations and organizations can establish charitable funds or contribute to existing funds. The Community Foundation is in compliance with the Council on Foundations’ national standards and has awarded over $337.5 million in grants to nonprofits in Fairfield County and beyond since 1992. As a trusted nonprofit partner and thought leader, the organization brings together community organizers, business experts, and philanthropists to close the opportunity gap in Fairfield County with a focus on eliminating disparities in education, employment, housing, and health. Our goal is to create a vital and inclusive community, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Learn more at FCCFoundation.org and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN.


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