Professional Advisors Help Donors Shape The Future

Jun 13, 2019

Over its 27-year history, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has received bequests and gifts from charitable trusts, retirement accounts and life insurance totaling more than $47 million in today’s dollars. These planned gifts are the cornerstone of our endowment which sustains critical, impactful support for nonprofits in our region. For many, including future gifts in their planning can be a powerful way to support the community in perpetuity, while meeting financial and philanthropic goals. Donors can ensure that their favorite nonprofit or causes are cared for in years to come. From Donor Advised Funds or scholarship funds to unrestricted gifts, planned gifts from generous donors creatively structured by professional advisors help shape the future of Fairfield County. FCCF’s Professional Advisors Council – comprised of financial and legal professionals – were instrumental in developing over 50% of the planned gifts we’ve received to date.

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“My clients have benefited from the freedom FCCF gives them to shape their personal philanthropic goals, and the security of knowing their legacy is in the hands of professionals who understand their wish to serve others. It’s a win-win for the client and the community!” JEVERA KAYE HENNESSEY, ESQ. Emeritus Professional Advisor