Leveling the Playing Field for Nonprofits

Mar 31, 2023

Resilia Partnership Brings Comprehensive Support to BIPOC-led and Serving Grantees

Leaders of smaller nonprofits face constant tension when they make decisions about how to allocate their resources.

Lana Gifas, Executive Director of Women’s Mentoring Network, says online resources and coaching from Resilia have helped her nonprofit increase its impact.

Every dollar and hour spent on marketing, fundraising and consulting takes resources away from delivering on their mission. But they need to market, fundraise and invest in support services in order to have resources and meet their organizational goals in the first place.

The nonprofit platform Resilia is designed to help nonprofit leaders navigate this tension. From providing a hub of online resources, including strategic planning and storytelling templates, to offering peer learning and coaching services, Resilia helps level the playing field for small nonprofits by tailoring its services and tools based on the individual needs of the organization.

FCCF’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence began a partnership with Resilia in 2022 to provide the platform to BIPOC-led and serving nonprofits in Fairfield County. The partnership supports 25 nonprofits enrolled in the program, with peer-to-peer coaching sessions serving as one of the platform’s most valuable resources. This comprehensive one-on-one coaching promotes equity among nonprofits by helping leaders – from executive directors to boards of directors – create personalized pathways tailored to the specific mission and unique goals for each organization.

“Resilia gives us access to tools that other nonprofits are already using as a best practice and allows our small staff and board to utilize our time and resources most effectively.”

lana gifas,
Women’s Mentoring Network
executive director

Learn More at: FCCFoundation.org/ELEVATEpr