Scholarships Enable Youth in Fairfield County to Thrive

Jun 06, 2018

Pictured above, Jane Pollard is a recipient of the Walter Breslav, Jr. scholarship with FCCF.

For marketing student Jane Pollard, a scholarship set her on a path to achieving her dreams. “For as long as I can recall, I have been intrigued by the fashion and music industries,” says Jane. “My dream is to work in marketing in one of those fields.” Jane continued, “When I received the Walter Breslav, Jr. Scholarship, it took an enormous amount of financial pressure off me and my parents, and allowed me to focus on my education.” Walter Breslav, Jr. was a passionate philanthropist and an advocate for education. Before his passing, he regularly brought students into his brokerage office for learning opportunities. Today, his wife Elisabeth and their children continue his legacy through a scholarship fund with FCCF that provides Bridgeport students support to pursue a degree in business or nance. “It is heartwarming to follow students through school and see how they are developing,” says Elisabeth. “The Scholarship Fund enables talented young people to pursue their dreams.”

With her scholarship, Jane was able to enroll at the University of Dayton and is now studying abroad in Ireland. As a student on the Dean’s List, she was selected by the University to work for Flyer Enterprises, the country’s fourth-largest student-run business. “The scholarship has meant a tremendous amount to me,” says Jane. “It allowed me to experience opportunities that would otherwise have been impossible.”

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