Fairfield County’s Community Foundation awards more than $3.3 million in grants to 151 nonprofits

Aug 21, 2023

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation announces that it has awarded more than $3.3 million in strategic grants to 151 nonprofit agencies from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

These grants were awarded to nonprofits aligned with the Community Foundation’s strategic plan, Fairfield County Forward. The grants support organizations working to ensure equitable access to quality housing, health services, education, and economic opportunity particularly for Black and Latino individuals, women and girls, and youth ages 16-25 living in Fairfield County.

The $3.3 million in strategic, regional grants represents 13% of the Foundation’s grantmaking for fiscal year 2023, which was $25.7 million.

“We are committed to partnering with our community to address the root causes of inequity that have led us to being one of the most economically unequal regions in the United States,” said Mendi Blue Paca, FCCF’s President & CEO. “These grants support organizations that are meeting critical needs in our region and laying the groundwork for building more equitable systems and structures so that all our community members can thrive. Our partners’ work – and the generosity of donors and businesses that make these grants possible – are moving Fairfield County forward so that everyone has true social and economic mobility, opportunity and access, and a fair shot at success.”

Grants were awarded to Fairfield County nonprofits that work to ensure:

  • All Fairfield County residents have equitable access to workforce, entrepreneurship, and employment skill-building opportunities to achieve and maintain financial self-sufficiency and build assets.
  • All Fairfield County residents have safe, stable, and affordable housing in communities of opportunity.
  • All Fairfield County youth and young adults graduate with a high school degree and are prepared for post-secondary education and/or employment.
  • All Fairfield County residents have equitable access to high-quality, culturally competent physical and behavioral health services.

“We are committed to supporting the organizations that are most embedded in and connected to the communities we seek to impact,” said Lutonya Russell-Humes, Vice President, Grants & Programs for FCCF. “Aligned with our strategic plan, these nonprofits are providing a range of opportunities and services and working in concert with members of the community to make Fairfield County more equitable for everyone, especially those who are most under resourced.  These organizations and their leaders are best positioned to achieve sustainable solutions.”

The grants were awarded throughout the fiscal year in the following categories:

  • Youth Education and Career Development: $1,185,250 to 58 nonprofits
  • Fairfield County Business Collaborative for Education Equity: $400,000 to 10 nonprofits
  • Income and Asset Building: $256,000 to10 nonprofits
  • Center for Nonprofit Excellence: $18,876 to two nonprofits
  • Women & Girls: $784,301 to 44 nonprofits
  • Advocacy: $62,000 to five nonprofits
  • Housing: $662,500 to 21 nonprofits
  • COVID-19 Resiliency Fund: $16,138 to two nonprofits
  • President & CEO Grants: $16,000 to nine nonprofits

To view a full list of all grants made by the Community Foundation in fiscal year 2023, visit fccfoundation.org/our-grants/.