FCCF Quick Tips For Year-End Giving

Oct 12, 2018

October Tip: 
Many donors are surprisingly unaware that they can give shares of appreciated stocks or mutual funds and enjoy greater tax savings than with a comparable cash gift. If you have owned the securities for at least one year, your gift will not trigger any capital gains tax, regardless of how much the securities may have appreciated in value over time.

You can use this form to make stock transfers to Fairfield County’s Community Foundation as a gift to our Community Impact Fund, or to your existing Donor Advised or Scholarship Fund.

September Tip:
If you are an IRA owner over age 70½, you may make a gift from your IRA directly to a qualified charity – including the Community Foundation. The maximum IRA charitable rollover gift is $100,000 per year. An IRA charitable rollover gift can help satisfy your required minimum distribution, reduce your taxable income, and further the work of a charitable organization.

Year-end planning is an important ritual for many individuals who coordinate their tax preparation and charitable giving. Through creative gift planning, you may be able to do more for yourself and for the causes that matter to you.

As always, the staff at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation is here to help you. Whether you have a question about a nonprofit in your community, are interested in establishing a Donor Advised Fund, or would like to make a gift to our Community Impact work, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Kristy Jelenik, Vice President, Development
KJelenik@FCCFoundation.org and 203.750.3211

Nancy Tartaglia, Director, Gift Planning & Philanthropic Services
NTartaglia@FCCFoundation.org and 203.750.3212