Sarah Omotunde

Sep 05, 2022

Sarah Omotunde joined Fairfield County’s Community Foundation in 2022 as a Program Associate. In this role, Sarah is responsible for providing programmatic and administrative support to the Fund for Women and Girls team.

Over the past few years, Sarah has worked as a Graduate Research Assistant and intern in Lowell, MA for the Center for Community Research and Engagement and The Lowell Community Health Center. Sarah led and facilitated Teen Block’s Violence Prevention Coalition, which included several youth-serving organizations in the Greater Lowell Community to improve youth services during the pandemic. She also conducted a Youth Needs Assessment Survey to evaluate youth needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in 100+ respondents. On the research side, she collaborated to create a webpage illustrating the benefits of focused deterrence in decreasing youth gang violence and created infographics and research briefs on various topics related to youth. She also analyzed pre-existing data from all youth-serving organizations under the Shannon Community Safety Initiative grant to evaluate changes and COVID-19 impact.

From 2015 – 2017, Sarah was an Ambassador for FCCF’s Thrive by 25 campaign where she assisted in the planning and creation of our large summit which engaged over 217 youth from Fairfield County. She supported the coordination of workshops that helped youth in applying for universities and job search readiness and she served on the Thrive Advisory Council. Sarah is passionate about mental health, education equity, youth wellbeing, and development as well as community improvement.

Sarah received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Sacred Heart University and her master’s degree in community social psychology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.