Jan 07, 2021

We denounce the violent, unpatriotic actions of those who sought or may continue to seek to prevent the advancement of our democracy and the Constitutional processes of our government.

The Community Foundation played a role in increasing voter turnout in our region and will continue to fight to defend the right to vote, to increase access to voting, to enhance civic engagement, and to ensure all voices, particularly those who have been historically disenfranchised in our community, are heard and valued.

Our nation held a free, fair and secure election in November and the results have been upheld by every court and certified by every authority to which a challenge has been presented. It is past time we move forward.

Since our nation’s founding, the peaceful transition of power has been a bedrock of our democracy. President-elect Joe Biden will take office on January 20th as the duly elected President of the United States.

We stand committed and ready to support and defend democracy in our community, state, and nation.

Juanita T. James
President & CEO,
Fairfield County’s Community Foundation